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The World’s Most Extravagant Car Modifications

As far as most car modification enthusiasts are concerned, making changes to a vehicle’s appearance and performance is fun and rewarding. There is something highly gratifying about knowing your vehicle is unique. However, there are always individuals who take things to the extreme. While the cost and complexity of car modifications vary, some luxury mods will make your aftermarket coilovers seem like child’s play. 

Engine Swap

A full engine swap is one of the most invasive mods you can perform on your vehicle. While engine swaps may not be on the higher end of the scale price-wise, ensuring everything is hooked up correctly is difficult, time-consuming and involves a great deal of technical and mechanical skill. That said, swapping your car’s engine for a more powerful alternative could vastly improve its performance and durability.


Whether you want to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd or make scrapes and rust a thing of the past, a complete vehicle respray is a labour-intensive mod that could set you back thousands, although you could opt for wrapping as a slightly cheaper alternative. While the choice between a wrap and a respray is purely down to personal preference and budget, a thorough respray is the better option for getting that pristine look. 

Stereo System

A high-quality audio system upgrade is a luxury mod that varies in price considerably. Of course, an exceptional sound system won’t improve your car’s performance or aesthetic. Still, your driving experience will be vastly improved – that is, if you prefer the sound of your favourite tunes over the sound of an open exhaust and intake system. While booming music is a fun way to announce your presence on the streets, many enthusiasts would rather spend their modification money elsewhere. 


While many modified car owners consider superchargers overkill, you can boost your vehicle’s performance by increasing the engine’s compression ratio without the inherent lag of turbos, i.e. supercharging. While a supercharger can increase your engine power, there are prerequisites for this modification. For instance, you may require a high-flow catalytic converter so exhaust gases flow at an increased rate and upgraded suspension to make the most of all that power. 


While many modification enthusiasts opt for unique interiors to reflect their personality, others enjoy the luxurious feel of high-quality leather and the smart appearance of wood-grain accents. Depending on your choice of materials and overall aesthetic, reupholstering your car’s interior could be a pricey endeavour, even if you choose to attempt the job yourself. However, along with a snappy aftermarket steering wheel and gear shifter, reupholstering is an excellent method of breathing new life into an old vehicle. 

Cold Air Intake System

A cold air intake system is a relatively popular car mod, particularly amongst new drivers, and while prices vary, installation can be tricky due to complex routing. Much discussion is to be had regarding whether or not cold air intake systems are worth the money; however, for lovers of that loud, aggressive roar, the answer is simple. Upon installing your cold air intake, you move the air filter outside of the engine compartment so colder, oxygenated air is sucked in for better combustion efficiency. 

High-Performance Engine Tuning and ECU Remapping

There are many benefits to high-performance engine tuning, including increased fuel efficiency and boosted acceleration performance. It can also increase your top speed, although, for everyday driving, this is decidedly unnecessary. If your vehicle is regularly serviced and properly maintained, it’s likely your engine will already be running optimally, making high-performance engine tuning a redundant expense. 

You can expect to pay anything from £100 to well over £1000 for an expert ECU remap, although, along with fine-tuning your engine, it can vastly improve your car’s performance. Considering ECU remapping is a considerably complicated process, it is advisable to leave this mod to the professionals if increasing power and torque is on your list of priorities. 

High-Ratio Steering Rack

A high-ratio steering rack will alter the response of your car’s wheels in relation to steering wheel input – in plain terms, the higher the steering ratio, the easier your car is to turn. While a high-ratio steering system can be found in the majority of track racing cars, for everyday driving, this expensive mod is primarily considered a waste of money. 



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