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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Property Viewings

When you’ve listed your property on the market and it’s time to show people around, there are several things you can do to increase the appeal of your home. Viewings are usually short, and you want to leave any potential buyers with a positive impression of your property to increase the likelihood of an offer. Here are some tips when preparing your home for viewings.

Window cleaning

A small and relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your home is to clean the windows professionally on the outside. When a buyer pulls up and sees your property for the first time, they will notice if any windows are dirty. This may give them a negative first impression of your property when you want to do the exact opposite. Cleaning your windows using a professional cleaner can improve your property’s overall appearance and curb appeal.

Spare rooms

Buyers like to see how practical space can be and what they can do with each of the rooms. If you have spare spaces in your property that aren’t being used for any particular purpose, it could be a good idea to borrow some furniture to stage the room into a usable space. An empty room could be challenging for potential buyers to imagine the amount of space and how furniture would work in the room. 


Before any visitors come over, you should take care of any maintenance jobs you’ve been putting off. If the viewers notice your house or apartment needs some maintenance, no matter how small, they might use it as a way to bargain down the price or as a negative point against your property. Repaint any walls with scratches or marks that you can’t wipe off, sort out any loose door handles and replace any bulbs that are no longer working. To pick up on any maintenance issues that need doing, go around your home with a fresh pair of eyes or ask someone else to point out any problems potential buyers might pick up on. 

Garden and outside space

Many Hong Kong homes don’t have large gardens or outside spaces. If you have the luxury of outside space, you should show this off and prepare it for any potential buyers. Clean up and remove any debris from the outdoor space and cut back any plants or grass. Placing seating in your outside area will show potential buyers how they can use the space and the benefits of having an outdoor area. An unkempt garden or balcony is another negative that potential buyers can use as a bargaining tool. It may also put others off making an offer if they see they need to do work on the outside space and manage the ongoing upkeep.

Use inviting scents

Scents are very powerful and can work to evoke various emotions in people. Welcoming pleasant scents are more likely to put potential buyers in a good mood. This is especially important if you have pets in your home. You might not notice the smell of your pets, but your house viewers will pick up on it the moment they walk through your door. Make sure you wash any of your pet’s bedding and give your pet a wash to remove any nasty smells. Some people opt to get a friend, relative or pet sitter to look after their pets. This can help to reduce the stress levels of you and your pet. Some visitors may also be allergic to your dog or cat, so keeping them out of the way will prevent any potential buyers from having allergic reactions. 

Clean and tidy

This one goes without saying before you let any potential buyers look around your house, you should clean and tidy everywhere. Reduce and throw away any clutter; a minimalist home will look much bigger, which can be advantageous when you’re showing people around your space. Make sure you do a deep clean regularly and dust all areas you don’t usually get to on a standard clean. Between viewings, you can do a quick clean-up to keep on top of things. Viewers who enter an unclean and cluttered home are less likely to offer the full asking price. 



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