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The Different Styles of Mountain Biking

If you’re interested in mountain biking or discovering a new exhilarating sport, this article will be of interest. We take a look at the different styles of mountain biking you can participate in and what each style involves. 

Endurance mountain biking

Endurance mountain biking is riding for long periods of time; this could mean 12 or 24-hour races covering more than 50 miles in a single event. Endurance riders like pushing their bodies and mind to the limit, taking on long, physically demanding trails. Becoming an endurance mountain bike rider takes consistent, regular training to build up your levels of fitness and strength to the point where you can take on an endurance event. The best endurance mountain bikes are comfortable to ride for long periods of time. You also need a high-quality bike you can rely on that’s also easy to fix if you experience any issues during your ride. Endurance riding can be dangerous; if you go out on your own, make sure you take the right supplies and inform someone of your planned route.

Freeride mountain biking

Freeride mountain biking is another approach to mountain biking. Instead of focusing on times and speed, freeride is all about style, jumps and tricks. It’s an incredibly exhilarating sport to watch; freeride mountain bike riders push themselves to their limits, performing gravity-defying stunts and tricks. The bikes used in freeride can vary depending on the preferences of the rider. The main thing they all have in common is good suspension to help the riders land jumps properly. Protective armour is also recommended for freeride mountain bikers; the sport can be very dangerous, resulting in injuries if the rider comes off their bike.

Downhill mountain biking (DH)

Downhill mountain biking involves travelling downhill and over jumps, drops and through rough terrain. This type of mountain biking is fast and requires skill, strength and bravery. The aim of DH is to get to the bottom of the track as quickly as possible. To participate in DH, you need to have the right type of mountain bike; standard bikes won’t cope well at high speeds, up to 70mph, on rough, rocky terrains. Downhill mountain bikes are designed to withstand the force that comes with travelling down the track at high speeds and taking on high-speed jumps. They include large amounts of suspension and parts that are designed to be as strong and durable as possible. DH riders need to protect themselves by wearing the best mountain bike knee pads, full-face helmets, elbow pads, protective gloves and back protection. Some riders also choose to wear neck braces when participating in DH events. 

Pump track mountain biking

Pump track racing is a very different type of mountain biking; instead of using the pedals to move the bike, riders “pump” the bike using up and down body movements to create momentum that propels the bike forward and around the track. A pump track is a loop which contains bumps, turns and banks. Riders compete to get around the track as quickly as possible without using their pedals. This form of mountain bike riding is enjoyable and fun for riders of all levels. You don’t need any specific type of bike; you can get started with the bike you already ride. It can also help riders to build up skills they can use on a mountain bike track; using momentum and the track to propel themselves forward can be beneficial for achieving higher speeds and perfecting jumps out on a larger trail. Professional pump track riders use mountain bikes with very rigid or little suspension, but beginners can use a variety of bikes to enjoy the pump track experience. If you’re performing tricks, you should wear a full-face helmet, protective knee and elbow pads. This might not be necessary if you’re used to the track and don’t plan on trying any jumps or tricks. In any case, you should wear a bike helmet whenever you ride a bike.

When it comes to finding your mountain bike sport, try out different options, you might be surprised by what you find most enjoyable. Here we’ve talked about four variations of mountain biking; these are some of the popular options which attract spectators and new athletes. Additionally, you can participate in many other types of mountain biking.


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