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How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

We all dream of owning a home that only ever smells of freshly baked bread and scented candles. But not many of us have time (or the skill) to bake beautiful sourdough loaves and leaving candles on for too long is a fire hazard. The truth is, life can be messy. And that mess can cause unpleasant pongs. So, if your house is being dogged by a lingering odour – caused by your kids, pets or a stinky dustbin – there are a few steps you can take to get rid of that bad smell to leave your home smelling fresh.

Step 1: Find the odour

If the bad smell has an obvious culprit, you can skip this step. But if the nasty whiff is somewhat of a mystery, it can be a bit trickier to tackle it. To thoroughly treat the stain and smell, you’ll need to find it. We can’t give better advice than to track the scent with your nose or think back to any particularly bad messes that might need a revisit. It might be as simple as muck on your shoes that needs cleaning or doing the bins. Perhaps your pet had an accident that you thought you dealt with at the time or your toddler dropped food that you simply wiped away. If you can think of anything like that, it’s a good place to start. Even when surfaces look clean, if they’re not treated fully, smells can develop and worsen over time. 

Step 2: Remove the cause

Once you’ve found the root cause of the odour, the next thing is to get rid of it. If there are obvious clumps of dirt or faeces, remove and carefully dispose of all the solid matter. Pick it up with gloves or use your hoover to collect debris. When something is creating a particularly nasty smell, don’t chuck the waste into your household bin – put it straight outside. If you’ve spilt a liquid or you’re dealing with urine, soak up the excess with a clean cloth or some paper towel. 

Step 3: Gather cleaning products

There are plenty of household remedies for removing odours which you can whip up using everyday products you have in your cupboards. However, as these items aren’t usually designed for tackling stains and smells they can bleach and remove colour from surfaces or damage fabrics. We recommend using an enzyme cleaner to properly degrease and disinfect. Products like Bio oneTM clean naturally, using active enzymes which work in combination with friendly bacteria to digest the bad bacteria which causes the smell. Bio oneTM is 100% organic, vegan and non-toxic so you can use it safely with your furry companions too. You’ll only need one bottle of enzyme cleaner to do the job as they’re more effective than traditional products as well as better for the planet.

Step 4: Disinfect

Now it’s time to clean. Spray the affected area thoroughly with the enzyme cleaner. These cleaners work their magic when surfaces are totally damp so make sure it’s completely covered and soaked with product. Now you need to leave the cleaner to work deep down into the surface for five to ten minutes. After that time has passed, check to see if the stain and smell are lifting. If they are, simply blot up excess with a cloth and leave the area to air dry. If it needs more work, respray and leave for a further five minutes before repeating the previous instruction.

Step 5: Get rid of the smell

Luckily for you, enzyme cleaners don’t just clean. They are an effective odour remover too. That means you don’t need to waste your money on scented sprays that simply mask the bad smells. Aerosol air fresheners are not only bad for the planet, but they can also be harmful to the delicate respiratory systems of both humans and animals. By digesting the bad bacteria, products like Bio oneTM eliminate pesky pongs and have a natural scent to leave surfaces smelling fresh.

Step 6: Let some air in

To help air dry the affected area, try to ventilate the room. Open the windows and doors to let the breeze in. This will also refresh the stale air to banish any leftover bad smells.

Step 7: Keep on top of bad smells

Don’t give bad smells a chance to build up. Regularly disinfect surfaces, using an enzyme cleaner, to remove 99% of bacteria. This will keep your home clean, hygienic and odour-free. Create a cleaning schedule so you can deal with mess quickly, before it becomes a bigger problem. Include things like emptying your bins often, throwing away old food plus cleaning and reorganising the fridge. If you have pets, toilet train them to prevent accidents and refresh cat litter weekly.



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